Sunday, April 24, 2016

Termini Bros Bakery (Philadelphia, PA)

N 12th Street, Philadelphia 19107

Termini Bros Bakery sells luxury Italian (-American) sweets from four locations in Philadelphia, including inside the famous Reading Terminal Market. In addition to a huge range of freshly baked cookies, it sells cakes and fresh cannoli (which are filled up upon order).

I get a horseshoe cookie ($4), which has a crispy cover, is filled with a soft almond paste, and has chocolate at the ends. It is so delicious that I come back the next day to get another one! I also get a fresh cannoli and a box of selected Italian cookies for my (Italian American) in-laws (all together $28). While not a cannoli fan necessarily, I really enjoy the fresh crust and the thick and not too sweet filling. The few cookies I eat from the box are very good!

VERDICT: 92/100
Some of the best Italian-American sweets I have ever eaten.

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