Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trapeze Pub (Athens, GA)

269 N Hull St #6, Athens, GA 30601

Trapeze Pub is a Belgian beer café and restaurant in downtown Athens. It has an extensive dinner menu, which serves several salads, cheese plate, sandwiches, and entrees like vegan pasta and pork ribs. It also serves an additional lunch menu with very affordable options. 

I order the Falafel Sandwich ($6) and add French Fries (+$2.5) with “garlic aioli” (don’t call it mayonnaise!). The sandwich includes three big falafel balls, tasty but a bit too moist, with red cabbage, lettuce, humus, tzatziki, on a fresh pita. The French Fries are crispy and tasty, as always. Best in town!
At previous visits I had the Double Pig ($10), a big ciabatta sandwich with braised pork and spiced bacon, pickled green beans, arugula, and a paprika-tomato aioli – delicious but heavy. I also had their Southern Fish & Chips ($12), which is a bit less satisfying – I find the crust of the fish too dry and tasteless.

VERDICT: 92/100
Trapeze Pub is one of my favorite restaurants in Athens with excellent, affordable, lunch and dinner options.

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