Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Urban Stack (Chatanooga, TN)

12 W 13th Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402, USA

Urban Stack is the type of restaurant I love: making pig out food with high quality products and a special twist. It opened a couple of years ago in a beautifully renovated building and has a nice patio. Its specialty is burgers, which come in many different varieties and several different patties (beef, Kobe beef, turkey, lamb, veggie).

We start with the Freebird Wings ($9.99) and get them "Smokin' Hot Style." They are six big grilled chicken wings, which are incredibly juicy and come with a nice tangy sauce (not very spicy and not very much sauce).

For burgers I choose the Herkules ($11.99), predictably the Greek burger, which is very fresh but tastes almost more like a high quality gyros than a Greek burger. As a side I get the homemade chips ($3): big freshly fried chips with BBQ seasoning. Tasty. M. gets a Southwestern Veggie ($8.25) and asks for it without a bun (I know). In essence, it is vegetarian burger in a salad. Still, the patty is crunchy and spicy, one of best I ever tasted. She gets it with a side of Fried Chickpeas ($3) - why didn't anyone else thinking of this? - little balls of heaven, a kind of falafel.

VERDICT: 95/100
Perfect place to go out for a nice dinner and still have burgers and cool atmosphere.

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