Thursday, February 5, 2015

Flannery’s Irish Geo Pub (Santiago, Chile)

Las Condes, Santiago, Chile, T: 2-233-6675

I would normally not be caught dead in an Irish pub, let alone eat there, but Flannery’s is opposite to my hotel and I want to catch the second half of the Broncos-Colts game (we won!), so Irish Pub it is. Although it isn’t very busy, it easily takes 15 minutes before a waiter comes over. It would take another 15 minutes before another one finally brings my soda. You can imagine how long I will have to wait for my food (seriously, easily 20 minutes, if not longer).

I’m getting a BBQ Burger (Ps 5.550 or ca. $9). When it finally arrives, it turns out to be so bulky that it would make a US burger feel insecure about its size. The thick and large burger (a bit too well done but crunchy on the sides) comes on a big bun with huge lettuce leaves, huge slices of tomato, and caramelized onions and BBQ sauce (I ask for no cheddar). The burger is tasty, if a bit too salty. The BBQ sauce is (too) sweet and underwhelming. The fries are very thick and most are not very soft inside.


VERDICT: 84/100

It’s an Irish bar, what else can you expect (well, much faster service, ok).

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