Saturday, May 11, 2013

Herschel’s Famous 34 Bar & Grill (Athens, GA)

320 E. Clayton St, Athens, 30601, GA, T: 706-353-0334 

Herschel’s Famous 34 Bar & Grill is the newest addition to downtown Athens, a sports bar owned by, and named after, the famous running back of Georgia Bulldawgs, Hershel Walker. It's pretty busy when I get there, in the first month after its opening, which means that I have to wait a really long time for my food (sitting in the bar area). As I am already easily waiting for 20 minutes, and am no longer convinced by the “your wings will be out soon,” I get some pub chips. They start out tasting fresh, though kind of hard and dry, and soon taste gross.

I order Wings ($4.75) as an appetizer and have a choice of almost 30 flavors and five heat levels (mild to mother). I go for the second hottest, Mango Habanero. When they finally arrive, they are small, dry, and almost tasteless (except for a hint of honey). No kick whatsoever.

The Chili Turkey Burger ($8) sounds good: chili, crispy jalapeños, turkey burger, on a wheat kaiser bun. It looks more like a Sloppy Joe, but is not that bad, even though there are no jalapeños on it (or, if there are, they have no kick). The best experience is provided by the crispy seeds on the bun. The Old Bay fries are mostly lukewarm, salty, soggy, and gross.

VERDICT: 43/100

This one will not last, not even in Athens, which is crazy about its Dawgs and has no sports bar with good food.

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