Monday, December 19, 2011

Shawarma King (Ottawa, ON)

395 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y3, T: 613-233-2226

It is almost impossible to get good shoarma/shawarma in the US, let alone in the Midwest, so I am always happy when I go to a Canadian city, which seems to have more options (and of higher quality). Shawarma King has been voted Ottawa's Best Lebanese Fast Food eleven years running (1997-2008), so I had high expectations. Even the ghetto exterior, and interior, couldn't deter me; in fact, I took them as proof of authenticity.

I ordered a Small Shawarma Sandwich (CDN$4.99): Lebanese bread, beef strips (from big skewer), different beets, lettuce, onion, garlic spread, all pressed like a panini. Although this is not my favorite way of preparing shoarma, it is fairly authentic, and so was the taste. Unfortunately, the meat was of very poor quality and very dry. To be honest, I didn't eat more than one third of the sandwich.

VERDICT: 56/100
While the pace looks and smells authentic, and the shawarma is prepared in a fairly authentic manner, the poor quality of the meat made it a big disappointment.

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