Saturday, April 3, 2010

De Snackbar (Curacao)

Caracasbaaiweg, Nst. Gasora, Curacao, Dutch Antilles, T: 599-9-767-6700

Small Dutch-style snack bar run by Antilleans, next to a gas station, which is mostly frequented by, it seems, expat Dutch. I ordered a frikandel speciaal (deep-fried meat), broodje kroket (meat croquette sandwich) and a frietje met (french fries with mayonnaise) for just over 16 Antillean Gulden (ca. $9).

The frikandel speciaal was delicious, made with mayo, curry ketchup and fresh onions. The broodje kroket was nice too. The fries were good, but a bit undercooked, while the mayo was nice, for Dutch standards.

VERDICT: 83/100
Not the best Dutch snack bar, but certainly one of the best outside of the Netherlands (proper).

1 comment:

  1. I like this place, especially the staff and I love their chicken wings with hot sauce. Their frikandellen are really good too. Fries not bad at all. If you are looking for a satisfying junk food binge, this is a good place for that and it's better than KFC or Mc Donalds as they add so many weird food additives these days. I like this old school stuff and the friendly faces that serve you.