Thursday, January 7, 2010

Franklin Steakhouse (Franklin, KY)

3898 Nashville Rd, Franklin, KY 42134, T: 270-598-5028 (exit 2 of I-65)

We stumbled upon this place without any prior knowledge. From the outside, Franklin Steakhouse looks pretty authentic. Inside, the place still looks the part, including the rsmoking edneck clientele. What upsets the picture is the Asian personnel. A dirty steakhouse in Kentucky that is run by Asians!

I went for the filet mignon, which comes with one side (I chose wedges) and a house salad, at a cost of just $12. The house salad wasn't promising; it had potato chips in it and came with an au jus croissant. Bizarro! The steak was very tender, however, although the meat didn't have too much taste. The wedges were crispy and tasty.

VERDICT: 80/100
Franklin's is not a top steakhouse, but offers quite good steak for very little money. Moreover, the sides are quite tasty.

Fun fact: the restrooms are fairly gross, but definitely the warmest I have ever visited.

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  1. I live in Franklin and I agree with the 80% rating of the overall experience. But the food gets a 100% EVERYTIME. The staff are super nice and efficient. The building is older and SMALL but many times, if you get there at the height of dinner-time, you won't be ablet to get a table. The menu prices are amazingly cheap for the delicious food you get. Don't judge a 'book by the cover' in this case because you will be missing out on a wonderful meal and dining experience!