Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Curry Point (Berlin, Germany)

Curry Point, Friedrichstrasse, Berlin-Mitte (Near U-Bahn Oranienburger Tor)

Currywurst is (allegedly) a Berlin invention, so as soon as I arrived in Berlin, I looked for a real Imbiss in search for the real thing. In my area, as in most other places in Germany, it is easier to find a kebab place than a regular sausage stand, but after a bit of walking I stumble upon what looks like the real deal.

A semi-alcoholic guy runs the stand, which offers little else than traditional German sausages and meats (Wurst, Schnitzel, Frikadelle). I order a currywurst, which comes with bread and is cheap (1.80 euro). However, they deep fry the sausage (rather than fry it)!!! Consequently, the sausage is tasteless, while the bread is reheated. The curry sauce is decent though.

VERDICT: 55/100
Although the Currywurst was cheap, and the sauce tasty, the overall deal is very poor. So, avoid this place, you can do much better pretty much everywhere in Berlin!

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